The Director

I am giving my official debut as a director with Coriolanus. Although I have never directed before, I do have experience in making theater. My greatest foundation as a theater practitioner is my work as the dramaturg for Hamletmaschine, directed by José Enrique Macián in 2008. This was a momentous experience for me because we were working with the text, with the bodies, with ourselves through a very intimate and open process. Currently, I am acting dramaturg for Sock & Buskin’s Cabaret, the biggest production I have worked on so far in terms of cast, crew, and budget. It has been a challenging but also an extremely enriching time for me thus far, as it taught me how to interact with a variety of departments and connect the pragmatic work behind the stage with the creative work on the stage. My philosophy of theater making and also directing derives largely from this past inspiring year of theater practice. 
I would like to make the rehearsal and performance practice for Coriolanus as candid and as deep as possible. I believe in dialectics and thus in the process of discussion, examination, and candor. It is only in hearing all voices that a plenteous interpretation of a text and of the theater process as such can be arrived at. For this reason, I will strive to make the rehearsal process a productive, generative, and intense experience for all involved, cast and crew, by cutting down hierarchies and making my own position as the director available for discourse. I see my mission as the director in the opening of doors and the challenging of opinions and I hope that I will be challenged in my opinions in return. In this way, I hope that our production will let the process of production speak itself and be an educational experience for everyone involved, including myself.